The Village was part of West Fife constituency which the, for many years was represented by the only Communist MP in UK.

Politics played an important part in the community and was always a great debating subject, as was displayed in the late 1940s/early 1950s when Glencraig Institute catered for some 400/500 people turning up to hear Lawrence Daly and Robert (Bob) Harrower debating on the latest topic, Bob not only debated politics but on one occasion when the cage at Glencraig Colliery was stuck in the shaft for some hours he recited “Burns”.

I think I should also mention two Glencraig men, the late Norman Graham who was an outstanding Councillor over many years and Willie Clark who has worked tireless for the area and is possibly the longest serving Councillor ever in the area.

John George from Garry Park on nationalisation he went to Canada returning after a brief period to manage Alloa Glass Works, in the first year increased the production by 500%, John eventually becoming Sir John leader of the Scottish Unionists (Tories).