Lochcraig Manse

The name Lochcraig was given to the part of Glencraig from the pit road northwards. On the west side starting with Anvil Cottage now demolished and replaced with a new bungalow situated behind was Jimmy Muir’s fruit and vegetables store and stable next Glendale Cottage (noted for many years for the slogan on the north side “God is Love”) moving north the Quarry used for many years by the Fife Council as a dump to store road material then Bankston  Cottages followed by the Masonic Hall which was part of a four house row, two being demolished.

The entrance  to Manse Road and beyond Garry Park  Continuing north Lochcraig Cottages and Kirk Ha then Lochcraig Church on the north boundary a footpath exists that takes you across the Clunie to Kelty  the last houses before Crosshill was the Ore View a double story block to the rear the local depot for the scaffes.

The fist building on the east side of the road was the Smiddy but disappeared sometime late 1920s the next building was Spailinn Cottage then the stables called the same name. Spailinn was for many years the yard for the Goodwin family who delivered coal from Glencraig Collery to the miners employed there, then the entrance road to St. Kenneths Chapel then travelling north Shawford Cottages then Lochcraig Cottage occupied by Doctor Todd one of the local medics he was also acclaim as a very capable dentist and was adept at extracting teeth next the Mission Hall then Erin Cottage  then just before the Ore Burn the road to Templelands Farm with the Orebank Cottage near the main road.


Lochcraig Cottages

Shawford Place

Garry Park

Garry Park was named in honour of Councillor Garry (Proprietor of the Rosewell Bar Lochore) the building was in several stages from 1923/1927.

Garry Park Belles

Garry Park Left Fork

Ethel Anderson & baby, Tom Donachie, Ian Robertson, Andrew Marshall, John Kelly, James Kelly, James Kirby, Patrick Kirby,-, -, Jean Harris, -,-, Annie Jarvis, May Muir, -, -, May Crowe, -, Jannette Crowe, -, -, -, Denis Kirby, -, -, -, -,

Garry Park Right Fork

William McKenzie, Andrew Page, Tom Leghorn, Robert Fraser, Jim Spence, Jim Henderson , Annie Innes with Betty Muir, Janet Miller with baby, Helen Gibb, Flora McLean, Rae Henderson, Mary McLean, Dick Innes, Agnes Gibb, Alexandra McLean, Joan McGinlay, Margaret Miller, Annie Braid, Murial Hutt, Grace Harrower, Andrew Spowart, Jackie Sandilands, John McGinlay, James McGinlay, Sam Gibb, George McLean and John Innes.

Scaffy Services

One of the carts use to collect the household waste which in the main was ashes as it was all coal burning fires, what a pleasure to sit in front of a coal fire on a cold winters night.

The horse coaches taken in front of Kirk Ha Cottage probally date about 1910/1920.

Kirk Ha

Cissie Henderson at her sweet shop in the grounds of the cottage beside Lochcraig Church

Eddie Henderson

Signing his book “The History of Lochoreside” in 1988 probally the best and most detailed history of the area, Eddie lived with his parents at Kirk Ha Cottage over a long period.

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