Original Institute Glencraig


The Institute with Cinema

The Cinema attached to the Institute was originally built by Glencraig Gothenburg Society latterly used as the Institute Hall.

Institute with Cinema

In the 1930s a popular venue for dances mainly run to raise funds for the various local organisations such as Hostess Whist Drives and Dances (a lady would take a table of four inviting guests to pay two shillings and six pence which went to the charity, the Hostess would be free as she supplied the food.)

The Institute had a card room, billiard saloon and had a library service, the later in my opinion showed in the quality of debates that took place in the locality.

A great interest in the political debates that took place during the 1945/1950s period when Laurence Daly versus Robert Harrower debated in front of an audience of three hundred upwards, in these days politics played an important part in village life.


Sometime called the Shilling a week man played an important part in the lives of many people who had to exist on a very low income there were many people carried out this service.

Although a Mr. Rifkind and his son Jack, Jewish men seemed to out live the many in the Glencraig area. Mr. Rifkind’s grandson Malcolm become well known as the Secretary of State for Scotland and as Foreign Minister in the Thatcher Government.

There were also many Indians who toured the area selling small items of clothing.

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