Although football has always figured largely in Glencraig from the early 1900s A local lad Alex McIntosh signed with Wolverhampton in 1936 a team that was surrounded by controversy about using “Monkey Gland Treatment what ever that was.

The village have had sportsmen in many fields; the three Morris brothers who played golf one in the open championships.

The well known Scottish runners the Allan brothers, Harry Hutchison and Watson, the Gallacher brothers in boxing, Dan Gallacher the RAF athletic display team, John Michie the British Army Acrobatic team and no doubt many others.

Also a popular game was hand ball played against the gable end of the double block end in South Glencraig similar to squash using your hand instead of a racket; it must have been an nightmare for the tenants, a ball hitting the wall for hours at a time.

Glencraig also had a Quoiting Club situated towards the burn front of the institute behind Selbies Buildings.

Then another Sport was popular Pitch & Toss. The venue was usually behind the pit bing (slag heap) with a lookout for the local bobbies (policemen) they were looking for their share of the stakes.


Glencraig Celtic

Bore Park has been the venue situated on the west side of the village behind South Glencraig, where many local stars showed their skills before moving on to greater things.

Glencraig Celtic probably the most successful of any club in the locality, winning the Fife Cup 1909, 1910, 1911 and 1915.

The Cowdenbeath Cup 1909, 1911, 1914, 1915, and 1916.

The Dunfermline Cup 1910, 1912, and 1913.

The Fife Shield 1909, 1910 and 1912.

Back Row – J. Ross (Trainer) Wm. Fraser, Wm, Wood, Wm. Currie, J.Nunn (Treasurer), G. McLay, T. Welsh, A. Nicol, Wm. Flockart, J. Martin, A. Young, P. Murphy, G. Wilkie, and D.Wilkie (Trainer)

Middle Row – D. Fraser, D. Moffat (President), Wm. Montgomery, G. Fraser, M. McConnell, J. Gardener, H. Russel (Captain), J. Forte (Hon. President),

Front Row – J. Welsh and P. Dougan.

The Trainer John Ross speaking about his playing days against the legendary player Alan Morton said "you canny play fitba" Ross replied "true but I can stop you".


Glencraig Rovers 1927

Back Row J. Flockart, A. Muir & J. Snee
Middle Row J. Brockie (Trainer), M. Gilhooley, J. Fenton, J. Logan, A. Lockart, P. Aird, R. Rowan & W. McCann (President)
Front Row M. McCallum, J. Ross, J. GreenleesJ. Chalmers & J. Dempsie.

Glencraig Ladies Football Club 1921

It seems that no one knows anything about the Glencraig Ladies Football Team its interesting that Lochore had a Ladies Football Team at the same time.

Glencraig Colliery Football Club

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