The lost village of Glencraig

This site is about as you'd expect the lost village and surrounding areas. I started this project as a book which I gave to my local library. People then started asking if it could be placed on the internet.

This is the ramblings of a four score and eight year old, with the hope of jogging a few memories of the not so young and give the younger some insight to conditions that existed in the past.

Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.


My name is Arthur Nevay and cannot claim to be a Fifer born in Glencraig as my birth Town was Kinross but as child of some months old my father bought a Hairdressing Business in Glencraig in 1921 where I have lived since, unless for period 1940/45, I have mentioned some people who made up the fabric of village life during my life time in Glencraig.


Many people have allowed me to use photographs and the many who have supplied names of people on the photographs to which I am most grateful.

        To Mrs Rowan who gave me permission to use James poems
        Mrs. Tucker for her party piece the “Strickers”
        The Big Peter (Peter Johnston Glencraig Colliery Manager)
        Willie Aird (Trade Union Activist)
        Big Joe (Barman Glencraig Institute)
        Alan Goldsbro for the website

Coming Soon

I'm working on a new project about Robert McLeod, The Miners Poet of Cowdenbeath.

March 2012